Powerful crossbows such as the ones sold on this site, should never be dry fired (shot without a bolt) as it can damage bow components and shorten the lifespan of strings, cables, etc.

Your crossbow should be regularly cleaned after every use and a fresh application of rail lube after every fourth shot. This will help to ensure you enjoy many years of reliable service, from your crossbow and give optimal performance.

If any part of your crossbow or equipment is damaged, you should stop using it immediately and replace the defective part. When buying accessories or spare parts, you should always match brands,  to ensure safety, reliability and warranty validity of your product. For example, if you have an Anglo Arms crossbow and need some bolts, you should  always buy Anglo Arms bolts to go with it. 


All of our crossbows already come with instructions, but if you require a copy, we have a selection of user manuals below, for some of our more popular crossbow models. If you don't find your model there, please send us a message and we will be happy to help.


Accelerator user manual

Blade user manual

Cobra R user manual

Cobra RX Adder user manual

Cobra Pistols user manual

Desert Hawk user manual

Guillotine M user manual

Guillotine X user manual

Hex user manual

Jaguar II user manual

Recurve bows user manual

Titan user manual

Torpedo user manual


All files are in Adobe Acrobat .PDF format. You will require Adobe Acrobat Reader (free) or a similar reader.