General Legal Information

All of our products are legal to own in the UK, however, for some items such as crossbows (including parts that can be used to assemble a crossbow), and airsoft products, you must be aged 18 years or older to purchase them. Age verification checks must be completed prior to the dispatch of restricted items, without exception.

It is also worth noting, that you must be aged over 21 to fire a crossbow, unless being supervised by someone else over the age of 21, with suitable crossbow knowledge and training. 

Our crossbows and archery products are strictly for responsible recreational use only, in safe and controlled environments, with the land owners permission.

Always be aware of the power and range of the model of crossbow or archery bow that you intend to use, prior to it's use and be sure that you pick an appropriately safe location. For example, using a powerful crossbow in a small garden, with a thin wooden fence, would be very dangerous, since crossbow bolts can pierce wooden panels and may easily hit something or someone behind it. You should always have a sufficiently large space with ample safety backstops, such as a concrete wall. Never underestimate the power of a crossbow or archery bow.

It is illegal to use a crossbow or archery bow on any public land and this includes woodland, beaches, etc. The rules for compound bows are different and they must only be used at registered clubs.

When transporting a crossbow or archery bow, it should be in a condition in which it cannot be used. For example, with the limb or string removed. It should also be transported out of sight of the public, preferably in a carrying case. Bolts and arrows should be transported separately.

Safety should always be an archery bow and crossbow users first priority. Follow all manufacturer instructions and safety guides, observe warning and caution labels and under no circumstances, ever point a crossbow at a human or animal. Adequate safety goggles that protect the eye from all directions, should be worn at all times. Only cock and load a crossbow in safe and controlled environments, just prior to use. If your crossbow has any damage, stop using it immediately and replace the defective part with the correct replacement from the same manufacturer.

It is illegal within the UK to hunt any animals, with any of our items, and this includes pests. As a result, broad head bolts are also illegal in the UK and only bolts with target style points may be used, such as the ones we stock.

We only stock airsoft products for sale to the general public, produced in unrealistic colours, such as bright blue, orange, pink, etc, as required by law. As mentioned above, you must be 18+ to buy many of our products and this includes airsoft. However, it is acceptable to gift them, without breaking the law. For example, a parent can buy a two-tone airsoft product to gift to their  children for example. That being said, always exercise caution and common sense, and ensure children only participate in airsoft, withing a controlled environment, supervised by adults with suitable airsoft knowledge and training.

Always fully read the user manual and safety instructions prior to using our airsoft products, and always prioritise safety above everything else. You should always use the correct protective equipment when using airsoft products, such as safety goggles which protect the eye from all directions.


Useful information:

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Please note: The above information is just for general guidance only and by no means a complete view of the law. Purchasers and users of our products, have a responsibility to understand and follow all relevant safety instructions, rules, regulations and laws, in whichever country or territory they're in.