Introducing Bug-A-Salt: Unleash Hilarity, Zap Pests!

Welcome to the Bug-A-Salt, where hilarious pest control meets precision! These salt-powered bug-zappers will make you a sharpshooting sensation in no time. Say goodbye to the toxic sprays of the past.

Bug-A-Salt combines tech and humor, to create a unique experience. Armed with salt, our devices turn bug hunting into a comical spectacle. Choose from the popular Bug-A-Salt 2.5 or upgrade to the Bug-A-Salt 3.0 for the latest in power and precision!

Safe for both humans and pets, Bug-A-Salt delivers a satisfying pop with every shot, leaving behind just a sprinkle of table salt!

Order now and zap pesky flies with Bug-A-Salt – the fun-packed solution! They make ideal gifts too!