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The UK’s favourite way to eliminate flies in seconds. Great fun and the perfect gift for family and friends.

Bug-A-Salt 2.5 is the ultimate tool for eliminating flies with precision and speed, making it a great gift for family and friends.

Fire your fly swatter and upgrade to Bug-A-Salt 2.5 in its classic reverse yellow design. With improved sighting, you'll experience better accuracy, allowing you to decimate flies on contact. The re-engineered internal mechanism ensures greater reliability, smoother cocking, and a longer-lasting performance!

Say farewell to pesky pests as you rid your house of their annoying presence. Bug-A-Salt 2.5 combines effectiveness with entertainment, guaranteeing a blast while getting the job done.

Don't miss out on the UK's favorite way to combat flies with style. Order Bug-A-Salt 2.5 today and make your home a fly-free zone, all while having a great time!

- Non-toxic!
- No batteries required!
- Enhanced sights for improved accuracy.
- Re-engineered for greater reliability.
- Easier to cock!
- Accurate within three feet.
- Convenient pop-up sight indicator.
- Ideal for dealing with flies on windows or screens without causing damage.
- Recommended for soft-bodied insects: houseflies, mosquitoes, etc.
- Enjoy a full 1-year warranty for peace of mind.


  • The Bug-A-Salt is only dangerous if misused! Never point a Bug-A-Salt at a human or animals such as pets! Keep well away from your face and eyes. It will not penetrate skin.
  • It uses ordinary table salt. Do not use any other substance as it will likely cause problems an will definitely void the warranty!
  • Generally it won't splatter the fly, making for easy cleanup.
  • Only a small pinch of salt is fired out.
  • Whilst we don't require ID for this item, you must a agree to the Bug-A-Salt code of conduct.

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