Armex Tron 80lb crossbow

Armex Tron 80lb Crossbow


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The Armex Tron is a different style of pistol crossbow, with the addition of a foregrip at the front, for greater stability and more accurate shooting. This model has a built in folding foot stirrup, which helps greatly with cocking the bow. 

This bow is made from strong ABS with a fibreglass limb.

235FPS | 80LB | 635G (1.4LBS)


- 1x Tron 80lb crossbow
- 3x 6.5" aluminium bolts


  • Never point a crossbow at a human or animal, even prior to cocking!
  • Do not dry fire any crossbow (that is fire without a bolt), since this will likely cause damage to the bow and user.
  • Always remove any cocking ropes before shooting.
  • Always read and understand the instructions before use!

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