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The Jaguar II Pro 175lb is the latest in the Jag from EK Archery that we now have for sale in the UK!

This newest model retains the aluminium-composite construction of the previous Jaguar, but comes with a refreshed design and even more power! There is now an AR soft textured grip, for increased stability, backed up with an adjustable reinforced composite stock. An extended bullpup trigger makes a more efficient design, by moving the grip closer to the front. For even more stability, the Jaguar II Pro uses a rubber string stopper, to decelerate the string and minimse recoil.

With more power than ever, this bow will fire 16" aluminium bolt faster than any other Jaguar, up to 230FPS! 

The Jag's foot stirrup has been upgraded, and tucked just behind it, is a 3-bolt quiver. This Pro model has red dot sights as standard, not only completing the look, but ensuring high accuracy shooting! We will send this bow to you pre-strung, for your convenience!

DRAW: 175LB / SPEED: 230FPS / WEIGHT: 4.79LB




- 1x Jaguar 175lb II Pro crossbow
- 3x Aluminium 16" bolts
- 1x Red 3-dot sight
- 1x 3-bolt quiver
- 1x String stopper set
- 1x AR grip
- 1x Cocking rope (89cm)
- 1x Safety glasses
- 1x String wax

  • EK Archery recommends either 16" standard bolts, or the 16" heavy duty bolts
  • We recommend the use of a crank cocking device for the Jag 2 Pro as some people find it hard cock. The crank makes it extremely easy!
  • If it still won't cock, the anti-dry fire may have been tripped. Simply insert a bolt and remove it again to reset!
  • The fibreglass limb will come pre-strung, for your convenience!
  • We have spare strings and limb tips for sale.
  • We sell a 30" case to fit this bow.
  • Lube wax is recommended every 5 shots or so, for maximum performance and to increase the life of the string.
  • Never point a crossbow at a human or animal, even prior to cocking!
  • Do not dry fire any crossbow (that is fire without a bolt), since this will likely cause damage to the bow and injury to the user.
  • Always remove any cocking ropes before shooting.
  • Always read and understand the instructions before use!

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Stephen Getty
Great service

Really happy with crossbow
Fast shipping as well

jaguar pro 2

this is a really good crossbow very powerfull and accurate really pleased with it also superguns are a pleasure to deal with very good prices too very quick shipping with items thankyou superguns


I have no words to describe it. Its amazing and powerful. Don’t esitate to buy it! Im so happy with it.

Mr Alan Hydon

I bought the EK archery JAG II crossbow to continue archery, I cant pull a bow anymore, wow what a beast it is, the build quality is superb and the whole crossbow feels like quality from the but to the foot stirrup, its got a real nice balance on the hold and feel's very positive in the hands, loading is not too hard with the cocking rope but if you have any problems you can buy a winding addon to make it easier, altogether this crossbow is a dream to loose and will give many years of service, just keep the string and grove well coated with lube , I'm loving it so much that I'm getting another for my grandson, also looking at a pistol crossbow to go with it just to add to the fun, EK also make loads of extra's like spare cocking rope's, sights and arrows, plenty to keep you in fun for years to come.

Great crossbow

My new crossbow turned up yesterday and I’m very pleased with what I received, fast delivery with no problems. All set up ready and can’t wait to shoot it, just got to get some decent targets that will stop the bolt. The only thing that I would say was a problem for me is that the delivery company as the did not ask to see any ID for my partner, so it could of been delivered to some idiot, that was my only issue. Thank you Supergun for a brilliant experience

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