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Experience the UK's top-rated solution for eradicating flies in seconds. Bug-A-Salt 2.5 is the ultimate tool for fly elimination, bringing you endless fun and making it an ideal gift for your loved ones.

Drawing inspiration from Lorenzo's beloved surf shorts, Bug-A-Salt 2.5 features a sleek black camo design that means business! With improved sights, you'll enjoy enhanced accuracy, allowing you to effortlessly decimate flies on contact. The re-engineered internal mechanism ensures greater reliability, smoother cocking, and longer lasting performance.

Say goodbye to pesky pests as you rid your house of their annoying presence. Bug-A-Salt 2.5 combines effectiveness with entertainment, guaranteeing a blast while taking care of business. Get ready for hours of fly-swatting excitement and enjoy a pest-free environment.

Don't miss out on the UK's favorite way to combat flies with style. Order Bug-A-Salt 2.5 today and make your home a fly-free zone!

- Non-toxic!
- No batteries required!
- Enhanced sights for improved accuracy.
- Re-engineered for greater reliability.
- Easier to cock!
- Accurate within three feet.
- Convenient pop-up sight indicator.
- Ideal for dealing with flies on windows or screens without causing damage.
- Recommended for soft-bodied insects: houseflies, mosquitoes, etc.
- Enjoy a full 1-year warranty for peace of mind.


  • The Bug-A-Salt is only dangerous if misused! Never point a Bug-A-Salt at a human or animals such as pets! Keep well away from your face and eyes. It will not penetrate skin.
  • It uses ordinary table salt. Do not use any other substance as it will likely cause problems an will definitely void the warranty!
  • Generally it won't splatter the fly, making for easy cleanup.
  • Only a small pinch of salt is fired out.
  • Whilst we don't require ID for this item, you must a agree to the Bug-A-Salt code of conduct.

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