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The official Realtree Edge pattern! Camo water transfer design!

Bug-A-Salt's special limited edition v3.0 model, featuring the Realtree Edge pattern, as a tribute to Bill Jordan's legacy. Embrace the adventurous outdoor Realtree lifestyle while effortlessly slaughtering flies, roaches, and mosquitoes!

The Bug-A-Salt Realtree 3.0 is meticulously designed for serious fly hunters. Those experienced in handling previous models will appreciate the improvements such as the cross-bolt safety, redesigned trigger, and the Patridge sight.

Bug-A-Salt take great pride in this addition to the family. However, it's important to note that the 3.0 model may splatter flies, instead of leaving them intact, as with previous modes! That said, the 3.0 significantly increases your odds of mid-flight take downs!

Order now and embark on your next fly-hunting adventure!

- Non-toxic!
- No batteries required!
- Badass Realtree Edge camo water transfer design
- New cross-bolt safety! 
- Sleek design has streamlined the feel of the Bug-A-Salt. It's like butter on toast.
- Updated engineering on trigger mechanism.  It's now VERY light.
- The barrel has been raised, and a Patridge sight has been added to enable highly accurate shooting.
- Upgraded, more durable salt hopper makes tactical reloads easy during the heat of battle.
- Each Realtree camo 3.0 has its own unique pattern, colour & layout have slight variations. 
- Stronger spring creates a tighter salt pattern. 
- Enjoy a full 1-year warranty for peace of mind.


  • The Bug-A-Salt is only dangerous if misused! Never point a Bug-A-Salt at a human or animals such as pets! Keep well away from your face and eyes. It will not penetrate skin.
  • It uses ordinary table salt. Do not use any other substance as it will likely cause problems an will definitely void the warranty!
  • More powerful v3.0 may splatter the fly, but makes for an easier mid-flight take down!
  • Only a small pinch of salt is fired out.
  • Whilst we don't require ID for this item, you must a agree to the Bug-A-Salt code of conduct.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Excellent company 👌

Superguns uk is such a wonderful company and friendly service, excellent customer service and excellent quality product 👌

Such great fun and useful too!

This thing is really well made and super easy to use. You'll be a fly sniping pro in no time once you get one! Flies are hard to get in mid-air, but once they land, it's game over! Takes a few extra shots to finish off the bigger bugs like wasps and moths. Soon enough, you'll actually find yourself hunting for flies!

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