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The Vlad is the latest repeater crossbow for sale in the UK!

This semi-automatic crossbow, has a top loading magazine, much like world famous RX Adder, but in a smaller and lighter pistol style package!

Named after Vlad the Impaler, this bow is a super compact and lightweight tactical bow, which is perfect for anyone who would love a smaller version of the Adder. The bow will come apart into main pieces, without tools, making it ideal for safe, hassle free transportation. The buttstock is made out  of solid aluminium and can even fold away.

A built in 8 bolt magazine sits on top, to allow for automatic reloading and rapid firing! If that's not enough, a Speed Loader containing another 8 bolts can be clipped on the side of the Picatinny rail, which allows you to fill the entire magazine in just a few seconds! 

The Vlad crossbow comes with both 60lb and 90lb limbs, which can easily be switched, allowing you to choose how much power the bow has.

DRAW: 60-90lb / SPEED: 165-215FPS / WEIGHT: 4.1lb




- 1x Vlad repeating crossbow
- 1x Self-loading magazine
- 2x Front end units (60lb + 90lb)
- 16x Vlad 6.5" aluminium red bolts
- 1x Aluminium red dot sight
- 1x Quick loader
- 1x Stringer
- 1x Spare string
- 1x Safety glasses
- 1x Lube wax
  • The ONLY bolts compatible with the magazine, are the 6.5" aluminium red ones.
  • Power can be adjusted between 60lb to 90lb, depending upon which front end you use! .
  • Also now in stock, here at SuperGuns UK, are Vlad accessories, such as the EK Vlad Bolt Quick Loader! 
  • Lower powered limbs can be fitted, if desired. We stock 30lb, as well as original stock limbs 60lb and also 90lb.
  • We also have spare strings for sale.
  • We stock protective cases too!
  • Lube wax is recommended every 5 shots or so, for maximum performance and to increase the life of the string.
  • Never point a crossbow at a human or animal, even prior to cocking!
  • Do not dry fire any crossbow (that is fire without a bolt), since this will likely cause damage to the bow and injury to the user.
  • Always remove any cocking ropes before shooting.
  • Always read and understand the instructions before use!

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Michael B
Great crossbow and service

Crossbow is awesome exactly as described, and hats off to superguns outstanding service, even put the vlad carry case in as a gift, which I thought was very nice. Would definitely recommend this store. Very satisfied

5 stars

Bought this for my husband for Christmas, so I have not seen it used, but my son rates it very highly and is a bit jealous that he got a different one to the vlad

Adrian Howells
Repeat Vlad Ace

The vlad looks the businesses and it is the business. The only fault I found weren't with the Vlad itself it was with the bolts they brake far to easy. If anyone knows of A perfect bolt for the Vlad please let us in on it.


It rattles a bit but nice n light and very accurate.

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